How to use Tea Tree Oil for Lice

How to use Tea Tree Oil for Lice

Head lice are not only the source of itchiness and soreness; but also a great deal in creating embarrassing situations. Never liked by anyone as these lice have the potential to breed and transfer from one head to another. Millions and thousands of individuals are highly affected by the lice in the head. However, the solutions and treatments taken are mostly, either way too lengthy or extremely impractical. Nevertheless, in this article we have catered the use of tea tree oil for lice. This particular oil is not only good for skin and normal conditions of skin concerns but spectacular for head lice as well.

Let’s dive in the world of benefits of tea tree oil, particularly in the consumption for head lice:

Tea Tree Oil for Lice – 3 Home Remedies:

What are the ingredients or substances which make tea tree oil best for getting rid of lice? Asking the question gives a clear picture about the potential and capabilities of the oil. First and foremost it contains teripinen and cineole. Both have the prospective of killing the head lice.

Remedy 1: Tea Tree Oil in Spray Form:

Diluting oil in water, preferably distilled one is the best way to check on skin prior applying it on scalp. For that, you need to take some water and add few drops of oil. After mixing it well, and pouring it in a spray bottle, apply it on a patch of skin. If there is no reaction, then follow the steps given below:

  • Take a spray bottle and pour distilled water till it is one-third full.
  • Pour tea tree oil till the point the spray bottle is full.
  • Shake it well.
  • Then spray it on the hair as well as the scalp.
  • Wear head scarf or shampooing cap for fifteen minutes.
  • You will feel lice dying, and itching will start.
  • Remove the cap or headscarf. Rinse your head with warm water.
  • Shampoo hair and use conditioner if necessary.
  • Repeat the procedure daily for 4 to 5 days. However, you can skip conditioning if you want.

Remedy 2: Use of Tea Tree Oil with Cotton:

Second way to use tea tree oil for quick eradication of lice is through the help of cotton bud or balls. Method is mentioned below:

  • Drop few droplets of tea tree oil onto the cotton ball.
  • Do partition of hair into half. Then further divide it into three parts. Tie two parts. And apply oil directly on the scalp of the remaining opened portion.
  • Let it sit there for some time, approximately 10 minutes. Rinse your hair and scalp. Shampoo if needed.
  • Repeat the procedure once a day every day for 3 to 4 days.
  • Decrease will be noticed. If not continue it for 2 more days.

Remedy 3: Use of Tea Tree Oil in Natural Shampoo:

Tea tree oil in the natural or herbal shampoo brings the viscosity which in the end helps in the suffocation of lice and brings them to death. Method is as under:

  • Make a combination of the fluids in a small container: one ounce of herbal or natural shampoo, one teaspoon of tea tree oil, and three heaped tablespoons of coconut oil.
  • Apply the liquid / solution on the entire scalp as well as hair.
  • After covering your hair with white cloth or headscarf, let the solution sit there for thirty minutes.
  • Comb your hair with the special comb designed to take out lice from head.
  • In the end, wash your hair with a normal shampoo and condition if requires.
  • Repeat it maximum thrice in a week.

All in all, these three ways of using tea tree oil for lice are considered best for the eradication of lice.