Ovulation pain- Symptoms, causes, and treatments

Ovulation pain- Symptoms, causes, and treatments

Want to know the main symptoms of the ovulation pain to boost the chances to get pregnant?

Painful ovulation symptoms

  • Abdominal pain

While ovulating the feeling on one side of your lower back is very common, which further leads to the intensive pain.

  • Cervix Fluctuations;

During ovulation, everyone feels changes in the cervix position like it gets open, wet and soft.

  • Sore boobs

Before ovulation, the oestrogen level becomes high, which results in the painful breasts.

  • Spotting

Spotting or light bleeding is very common while ovulation because of the dropped oestrogen levels, which affects the womb lining.

  • Thin mucus

While ovulation, oestrogen level rise, which increase the formation of cervical mucus and as a result, it becomes thinner and stretcher. Just before its color change from white to creamy just like the egg white. Sperm can stay in the fertile mucus for 72 more than hours.

  • Higher temperature

After ovulation, the high temperature is a very common thing so follow some home remedies and other tips to overcome the situation of temperature during temperature.

You can use the thermometer to measure your body temperature both in the morning and afternoon. And in the morning, you should eat or drink something to make you stable. Thermometers are easily available in the market and chemists store.

Treatments for ovulation symptoms;

  • Heat compressor;

Heat compressor is best for the ovulation pain. You just need to apply the heat pad to the lower abdomen two times in a day for best results. When you keep the pad in the affected area, it increases your blood flow, relax your muscles, and make the cramps painless. You can try both cold or hot compress, but it varies on your condition, which one is good for you.

  • Warm bath;

Sometimes you only need the warm bath to make yourself relax. Bath is more relaxing than the pads, so try to get it once in a day to relax.

  • Take birth control pills.

In the case of troublesome symptoms, you can give a try to the birth control pills. These pills are effective because they stop the pregnancy by stopping the ovulation. After taking it you will not ovulate, but also your pain will disappear.

Note that these pills are only the instant way to prevent the ovulatory pain, but it is not the permanent solution so you should try the home remedies and doctor consultation.

  • Understanding of symptoms.

It is important to understand the main reason of the ovulation because, for some women, it is the normal part of the menstrual cycle, but some women only face it for two or three days, or if you are not understanding the correct symptoms then you should check the doctor immediately:

As long as you don’t understand the symptoms of ovulation, you are unable to make to cure it. But on the other hand, it’s important to consult with your doctor in the case of worse pain because he can only tell the main cause of your pain and tell you the best treatment. If you are crusius to know about the exact time of ovulating, then Ovulation Calculator is best. It won’t only tell you the fertility time but also the date of your last menstrual period.