6 Best Treatments and warming symptoms of bleeding after sex

6 Best Treatments and warming symptoms of bleeding after sex

Are you facing bleeding issue after sex? If it is so, then you should consult with the gynecologist and take the information about its symptoms so you can easily treat it. In this article, we will also discuss some major symptoms of bleeding after sex and of course the guaranteed ways to overcome it. Read on!

Causes of bleeding after sex;

Some people thinks that after sex bleeding is not good but in reality, it is a health sign.

  • Chlamydia:

It is considered to be a bacterial infection that is normally caused by the sexual activity, but the good thing is antibiotics makes it correct.

  • Gonorrhea:

It is considered to be as bacterium but can be treated with the medical treatments.

  • Vaginitis:

This term is all about the inflammation in the vagina but like others, treatment is available for this.

  • Cervical polyps:

Cervical have the trend of extending out speedily and can be removed with the help of treatments.

  • Vaginal cancer:

It also considered being the main cause of sex bleeding.

If you don’t have intercourse from a long time, and then recently u had it and experienced vaginal bleeding. In this case, you shouldn’t worry. Let me explain some other main causes of it.

  • If you have blood Spotting during your menstrual cycle, then don’t associate it with the intercourse bleeding.
  • Penis friction or rubbing on the lower part of the uterus also considered being the main reason of the after sex bleeding.
  • Irritation on the outer or inner lips of the vagina also causes bleeding.
  • Vaginal dryness.
  • If vaginal bleeding color is bright, then it is the case of irritated vaginal tissue, which normally happens due to the excessive penetration.

Sex bleeding Treatments;

Let’s discuss the effective Treatment in the situation of sex bleeding.

  1. Treatment for vaginal bleeding totally depends on the cause. Sometimes, this condition happens due to the problem of thyroid, liver, kidney and blood clotting. In this situation, treatment is decided by the doctors according to the specific conditions.
  1. Sometimes ovulation absence is the main cause of bleeding. In this situation, doctors normally prescribe the regular consumption of the progesterone, which main purpose is to balance the hormones. This treatment not only decreases the risk of sex bleeding but also uterine cancer.
  1. If doctor identifies polyps as the main cause of irregular vaginal bleeding, then they recommend surgery to control it because it is impossible to treat it with the medication.
  1. Sometimes the main cause of bleeding is an infection, in this condition doctor recommend the antibiotics.
  1. Sometimes, it is impossible for the doctors to identify the main cause of bleeding and they recommend the test of dysfunctional uterine bleeding and oral contraceptives is normally recommend to control the bleeding.
  1. Apart from the above-mentioned procedures, there are many other latest ways to control the irregular vaginal bleeding for example blood vessels blocking system.

To conclude, Vaginal bleeding after sex is not a serious matter. Whenever you face this situation you should visit your physician, so he can diagnose the actual reason and also recommends you the best possible treatment.